Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Madeline's Baptism

cute Ashley

This smile cracks me up

Ashley the little Mommy

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Start Spreading the News

A couple of years ago I went to New York with some girlfriends and after that Madeline just fell in love with the idea of it and everything New York. She wanted to go so bad so I told her I would take her when she was eight. Well it came fast and Jeff was still in Residency but a promise is a promise so we got lucky. My next door neighbor gave Maddy a free airplane ticket on Jet Blue (thanks Eva) and then I heard that my friend Ashley was moving there so I asked her if we could stay. (thanks Ashley) we had a great time. We tried to do it all and now her dad, brother and sister want to go. Which is good because we can't wait to go back.

She is all set not too long after take off she did fall asleep since we took the red eye

The morning we arrived we took a shuttle to my friend Ashley's apartment in the Upper West Side we had a little nap then went out for lunch and went to the Natural History Museum. I gave Maddy the camera and told her to take pictures of things that she thought were cool. This is one of the things she liked. A giant Jelly fish.

Madeline in front of the museum, next she wanted to hit FAO Schwartz. I told her that that was on the other side of central park so we flagged down a bike that gives ride. It's not cheap but he said he would charge less because of Madeline. It was fun and he pointed out lots of interesting sights on the way.

Maddy in front of FAO Schwartz she bought some candy and a teddy bear. Not too much since she was saving her money for The American Girl store.

Next day we took the subway to Time Square we did some shopping ate lunch and saw a Broadway show.

We were eating lunch and ready to leave when I looked at the clock and we still had sometime before our show so we decided to stay at our table (restaurant was crowded) and order dessert. We were so glad we did because the people sitting next to us got up to leave and in walked a dad with his daughter my first reaction was oh that's a cute girl then I thought I know her how do I know her. It finally hit me that she is Hermine from Harry Potter but no one else seem to notice so I thought maybe I was wrong. Next she started talking to the waiter and when I heard the English accent I knew it was her. I asked her and she said yes and so I asked her for a photo with Madeline and she said if we do it discreetly with out the flash so I held the camera under my table to take a secret photo. Then I couldn't figure out the flash so I said no worries and then her dad who was so nice said he might be able to fix my camera. We got the flash off and one quick photo. They were both so nice and her dad kept telling Madeline how pretty she was and how he liked her bow. So we are now even bigger fans! I told Madeline she now has her New York celebrity experience.

Madeline getting ready for Marry Poppins to start. It was such a good show and she loved it. She did ask me why everyone else had better seats and I told her everyone else does not have a dad in Medical school.

Next we went to Macy's for the big department store experience. Their windows are so amazing for Christmas and their Santa land was so fun.

Madeline in front of the Empire State building. She loves this building and last year did her great brain school project on it.

Back to Time Square for dinner and to see the lights. I took her to planet Hollywood and she loved it because of all the High School Musical stuff they had.

The next day was the big day. The day she had been waiting for. She finally got to go to the American Girl Store and buy her first doll. She really wanted Kit Kitridge. She picked out some cute outfits and behind her in this photo is the doll hospital she would like her dad to do his fellowship here.

We also checked Kit into the beauty shop so she could get her ears pierced just like Madeline

We had a lunch reservation at the Cafe. It's so cute if your going to go to the store it's very worth it. Makes a fun experience I think they gave us the best table we had a window with a view of 5th Ave.

Rockefeller Center

The beautiful tree. She wanted to go ice skating but the weather was very bad so we quickly went to look at the Today Show and I saw Matt inside and then went to Dean and Deluca for Hot Coco.

The next day we hung out on the upper West Side. Ashley took us to the cutest cafe for cupcakes we loved it and of course we had to bring Kit!

Ashley and her cute boys

The Manhattan Temple

Maddy on Wall Street this is the spot where George Washington was inaugurated

Ridding the ferry over to the Statue of Liberty

Maddy with the New York skyline

Madeline giving scale to Lady Liberty

Madeline at Eilis Island by this point we are exhausted so next time we will look for ancestors

Maddy's favorite subway performer this guy was Mini Michael Jackson we like how he traveled by the stroller in the background.

Our last day we went to a cute cafe for brunch and then a nice stroll through Central Park

Bye bye New York can't wait to come back!!!!

Madeline turns 8

Madeline turned Eight on December 8th. Eight is a very big deal and she was baptized by her dad on Jan 3. It was a very special time for our family. We also have some family traditions Madeline always bugged me to get her ears pierced. I told her she could get her ears pierced when she was eight. So we had a fun birthday party for her. Some friends came over in the morning and we had a birthday breakfast and then we all got in the car went to claires to watch Madeline get her ears pierced then back to our house for presents and cake. She looks so cute with her earrings. Now her sister tells everyone "my sister has her ears pierced and I will get my ears pierced when I turn 8" Madeline choose her ears to be pierced with a white little diamond stud so it would look nice for her baptism day.

Ashley's 3rd Birthday Party

For Ashley's 3rd birthday she wanted a Disney princess party. We invited some of her friends and Madeline was my party helper. Maddy even wore a pretty dress got Ashley ready ( I love how she did Ashley's hair) and helped with the craft. Ashley had so much fun.